Terms of trade for Islamic Accounts

Islamic Accounts (Swap Free Accounts) trading terms

Trading on the International Financial Markets assumes the swaps (overnight interest). Despite the fact that the swap points can be both unprofitable and profitable, they are prohibited by Sharia law and Islam. It seemed to be a problem in opportunities of trading for Muslims.

As you know all times we were offering the best trading terms and the full spectrum of services for YOU to be on the easiest way of getting your profits on the market. That's why, we took time to analyze the options that would best fit you. We’ve focused our attention on this issue for giving Muslims the opportunity to work in the financial markets on terms that will not be forbidden by Islam and developed special Islamic types of accounts (without swaps).

From now on, the Muslims who have decided to manage the assets on Financial Markets DO NOT PAY any interest for the position on the second day. In order to open an account without swaps you need only go to the following link and select the type of accounts: Swap Free Account.

Good Luck and Just Profits!


Сommission for account types "NO SWAP Mini Forex" and "NO SWAP Standard Forex & CFD" is set to $1.00 per lot for all available instruments.


Before you start trading, you should be familiar with regulatory documents.

If you have any questions you can get the answers by consulting with experts in any convenient manner.